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How to benefit from your card:
We will record the points accrued once you make purchases worth SAR 250.

Getting the card:
Simply visit any of SACO showrooms near you to get the card, once you receive your card, you would need to visit this website again, and activate the card

If you spend SAR 4,000 you will be entitled to points equal to an amount of 6% discount on the first SAR 2,000 of level 1( SAR120 ), and 8% on the second SAR 2,000 of level 2( SAR160 ),which you can use either immediately or at any later purchase.
* The more points you collect, the more you can buy.
* Your card keeps track of all the points you accumulate.

Terms & Conditions:
* You can get your discount at any of our stores.
* Your last invoice will feature the update value of riyals saved.
* The discounts are applicable on any purchase except for sale items.
* You can exchange the goods purchased with points.
* Discounts do not include items selected by SACO's administration.
* SACO's administration has the right to change the card's terms and conditions without consulting the cardholder.
* Use all points before your card expires.
* Points are lost once the card expires.
* We will send you a new card once your old one expires. The new card will not carry points form the previous one.

What do you get in exchange?
In SACO stores:
* From SR.1 SR. to 2000, the applied discount is: 6%
* From SR.2001 SR. to 4000, the applied discount is: 8%
* From SR.4001 SR. to 6000, the applied discount is: 12%
* From SR.6001 SR. to 15000, the applied discount is: 15%

In SACO WORLD stores:
* From SR.1 to SR.4000, the applied discount is: 4%
* From SR.4001 to SR.8000, the applied discount is: 6%
* From SR.8001 to SR.12000 , the applied discount is: 8%
* From SR.12001 to SR.20000 , the applied discount is: 10%
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