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Shop and get rewarded by “My Rewards” membership

Program introduction:

My rewards is a loyalty program for Saco loyal customers that allows members to earn points upon their purchasing at any Saco store in Saudi Arabia, and redeem instantly.


Membership and qualification:

Simply, claim your card from the customer service or sales agents at Saco store. Any customer is eligible to join the program and will benefit from unlimited services with no conditions. Members will be treated equally with no segmentation process under the program.


Membership activation:

-          By visiting Saco website: and completing the activation process.

-          OR Visit the customer service at any Saco Store.

-          OR call our hotline at 920001530


Earning and collecting points:

The policy of earning points for every account is simple and automatic, after each purchase transaction customers can immediately use their points earned whenever they want as long as they are still valid, Saco makes sure that points redeemed are the oldest ones gained to remain fair with customers.


Usage and validity:

Customers are eligible to redeem points gained within 12 months from the date of earning, unused points are subject to be cancelled if not used, while membership remains active with no changes.



Membership cancellation:

Since the membership and its points considered as liability at Saco sales, an agreement was made in good terms between Saco and the customers, therefore Saco might cancel this agreement if:

-          The customer misused the membership and used it for a different objective than original.

-          Death or country departure for the membership holder, Saco will only be able to give the membership to the claimant upon providing a proof of being a first level relative.

-          If membership was given to another customer for misuse purposes, or a planned misuse that affects Saco stores by any means.


Earning points:

The member can earn and accumulate points after each transaction he made at the store. The following table shows the rewards the customer will get depending on he spend over 12 months:


Total spend

% of points added



1-6000 SAR


6% of any purchase from 1-6000 SAR in 12 months


6001 to 12000 SAR


8% of purchases from 6001 to 12000 in 12 months


Above 12000


Any purchase exceeds the 12000 in 12 months will return 12% of points to customers


Points and redemption:

Customers can easily redeem collected points once earned from any Saco store, 1 point earned is equal to 1 SAR of purchase.


Points transfer and liquidate:

Points gained are not transferrable or convertible to cash, the purpose of rewarding points is only to be used at transaction by redemption only.


Point’s review and personal info:

All members can easily access their points accumulated by either swiping the card at cashier station, or calling the customer support at 920001530 or visiting


Exchange and refund policy:

Saco maintains the same exchange and refund policy on “my reward” program purchases, customers can still exchange and refund the purchased items, but this will not be applicable for any transaction that was made under point’s redemption process as these will not be refundable.


Customer’s information:

Members are accountable to maintain their personal and contact information by keeping the system updated on these changes, by either visiting the store, the web, or calling the customer support.


Terms and changes in policies:

Saco remains fully responsible to run the program and carry eligibility towards customers, however, the program is subject for a periodic review by Saco and might be stopped or cancelled without any further notice if required, members do acknowledge that Saco has the full rights to do so.


Other subjects:

“My reward” program was created to allow members to benefit from their purchases at Saco using the technology available. Saco team will try to run it in the smoothest way possible, however, Saco management cannot guarantee zero errors caused by the technology used during transactions.


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